The Most Popular Wedding Album Types

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The Most Popular Wedding Album Types

What are the most popular wedding album styles?

If you have decided to get a wedding album made in order to display the memories of your special day then you have a few decisions to make.

The wedding album cover.

The most popular wedding albums by far are Genuine Leather wedding albums. These days, genuine leather comes in many different colors and styles. You can choose from white leather to pink leather and every color in between!
Classic black or brown leather is by far the most popular. This has been the case for the last ten years and still holds true today. 90% of wedding albums that we sell are leather and 75% of these are either black or brown.
The reason that these classic colors are so popular is simple. This type of leather is timeless and the album will remain classy and in style even if your great grandchildren dust of the album in 100 years.

The wedding album size.

The most popular wedding album size are 12×12 and 10×10. Five years ago vertical (10×12 and 8×10) format albums were popular, but in today’s world the square sized albums make up 90% of the albums that we sell.
The reason for this market trend is that the square albums open to a nice large spread that is easy to design and has plenty of space for more photos without crowding. While vertical and horizontal formats have the same square inch space, the square format gives the appearance of a larger design because the photos are not compressed by a narrow page.

The number of pages (sides)

The most popular number of sides for a wedding album is about 30. Thirty sides provide enough album space to adequately tell the story of the day without overcrowding and without cutting out too much detail. If you want to include about 130 photos in the album then 30 sides should do the trick for you.

Cover options

Over 90% of albums we make have a cameo cover photo and cover stamping. The plain black leather album looks great but it does not provide any indication of what is inside!
By adding a cover image of the bride and groom along with gold or silver stamping – the names and the date of the wedding – the album calls out – “I am a wedding album. Look at me!”

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