How Acrylic Wedding Albums are made

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How Acrylic Wedding Albums are made

Acrylic Wedding Albums – How we make them

Acrylic Wedding Albums start with a flawlessly clear sheet of Acrylic.  It looks and feels like glass, but it is just a bit lighter and, of course, it will never break!

We cut the acrylic sheet to size, bevel the edges, and buff the edges to perfection.  Then we bond the designed cover image to the bottom of the acrylic sheet.  So, when you look at the front of the acrylic cover you are actually looking through the flawless glass to see the image.  This is an incredibly cool look for a bride who wants a modern wedding album with style.

The acrylic album cover is then seamlessly bonded to the genuine leather that makes up the binding and the back of the album.

Will an Acrylic Wedding Album cover scratch?

Acrylic is a very durable material.  The high quality acrylic that is used in wedding albums is not easily scratched.  Normal wear and tear on the album will never scratch the acrylic cover.  Years later it will look just as new as the day it was bought.

Of course, the acrylic will scratch if you try.  Scraping a coin or a sharp object on the album cover will cause a white scratch.  Keep your album safely stored in an album box and away from young ones with scissors!

Are Acrylic Wedding Albums a good choice for you?

Acrylic wedding albums are very classy.  When designed well, these albums will be be timeless and always in style.  The albums are durable and will look great for many years with proper care and storage.  Acrylic wedding albums are a popular wedding album choice.  Full genuine leather wedding albums are the most popular type of album, but acrylic albums come in as a close 2nd place.

So, yes!!!  Acrylic Wedding Albums are a great choice for the modern bride who wants a stunning wedding album with a full cover image!

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