Wedding Albums – a quick guide

//Wedding Albums – a quick guide

Wedding Albums – a quick guide

Thinking of making a wedding album?  We all want to make our weddings memorable. Well, who doesn’t? Your wedding can be an unforgettable experience If you can feel a breeze of joy flowing throughout the day. But, no matter how much you never want this day to end, the day will end.

Sad? You would like to save the moments of your wedding, right? Yes, and that’s where your wedding photos come in. These are the “proof” that you had a defining day of your life with great pleasure and all the other stuff!

Why Make a Wedding Album?

Thanks to the digital age, we are not short of hundreds and sometimes thousands of wedding images. You can view them digitally and show your friends and relatives. What more to ask for? Then why to waste time and money for making a wedding album?

Let’s look at some of the answers which add value to the argument for making a wedding album:

  • It Is Real!

Yes, we are tech-savvy and can view anything on digital screens, but nothing is better than a warm and real feeling of holding a wedding album. Why that sacredness? Nobody can answer that, but having a wedding album, physically, has more value to it.

  • Hits The Right Cord

Wedding albums are made by the selection from hundreds of photos and only the best photos make their way to the album. That’s why the wedding album has more meaning to it. The album flows from one time to another or from one day to another, which makes it look like a journey and brings back the memories in style.

  • Nothing Can Replace a Traditional Wedding Album

Remember which computer you were using 20 years ago? Surely you wouldn’t be able to find its parts if you want to use that one – and why would you?

Technology fades with time and that’s the thing with it. So, to save the images of your precious wedding day, you should go a step further than just having it on your Mac and iPad. Imagine what would you do if your hard disk fails?

That’s also an observation, that many couples want to make an album, but when the wedding is over and they already have the digital images, they get busy with their lives and forget about their own choice of composing a wedding album.

Do it while you can.

Designing The Album with Adore

There is a whole process that goes into making and designing a wedding album. Which photos to choose, how to tell a story in each spread and how to make the flow?

  1. Choosing Style of the Album

Generally, two types of albums are in high demand. First is matted style and the second is flush-mount.

  • `Traditional Matted Style

Matted style is the most traditional one which you have been seeing for years. The album consists of real photo prints that are tucked-in the matted style layouts.

Normally, you can use one to four photos per page. You can use many layout styles with it, but the creativity angle is a lot less in matted style, which makes it less favorable for those who want to do something fresh and creative.

  • Flush-Mount Style

The flush-mount style which is also called a magazine style has no limitations in regards of creativity. You can, literally, mold it to any style and design you want. You have no restriction of showcasing any number of photos per page. Add as much as you want. The background style can also be changed to any image, color or design of your liking.

So, it is recommended that you use flush-mount style because it has a lot of space to make your wedding album look fresh and unique.

  1. Which Photos to Choose?

One of the most asked questions. The answer to this question can’t be clear. You can take help from your spouse, relatives and friends. But most of the time, it’s just you, your spouse and the album designer. If you are designing the album yourself, then the selection process is in the hands of you two.

  • Be A Storyteller

The first rule of choosing the best photos is to look through the eyes of a storyteller. This is important for your album to convey a strong feeling towards the reader.

Maintaining a nice flow throughout the album is the key. Like, It’s always a good idea to show some preparation photos at the start of the album to connect the readers with the event. Preparation photos can be of the bride and groom getting dressed like buttoning the shirt, wearing coat, wearing gown, doing make up.

Here you can go with the style and tone of the album. You can choose if you want to make it look decent and smart or you want it to look joyous or maybe you want it to covey wittiness and memorable inside jokes. Once you pick a tone, the photos will get selected by you naturally.

Less Is More

The best advice during the development of wedding album is to never over clutter the album. It’s tempting to add all the photos you love in the album, but only those photos should be selected which are really adding something to the flow.

The best wedding album is the one where you take out one photo of it and it start seeming a little incomplete and if you put another photo to the album, it looks like repetitive. Just remember that.

  1. Which Design to Choose?

Although we have covered the album style, here we’ll talk, specifically, about designs:

Classic Album Design Style – White or Black Background – Click Here for Classic Design Examples

You may have viewed a lot of wedding albums by yourself and if you paid attention, the best wedding albums are the ones in which have prominent white spaces between the photos.

The white spaces make it look simple and effective. The blank spaces, if done right, give more domination to the photos and make them more attractive. Add few photos and let the viewer focus on them. Remember what was said earlier that less is more.

Modern Album Design Style – Image backgrounds and Transitions – Click Here for Modern Design Examples

Modern wedding album design styles use image backdrops for many of the album pages. This design style also uses transitions and fades so that you easily move through the story of the day as you flip through the pages.

It is important not to overdo the special effects on the album design. Remember, simple is often better when it comes to album design excellence.

Try to Make It Timeless

You can always add some fancy and cool design components to your wedding album and they may look impressive for now, but not for long. When you are showing your wedding album to your grandchildren, you would never want them to think that it is a really aged album.

You can make your album timeless by sticking to the basics and simplicity. Think about it, simple designs never get old.  For a classic album design use white or black space, simple cuts, and a less fancy background to do the job. If you prefer a more modern style, use thin pin-line borders create a clean and uncluttered design flow.

There you have it. Follow the above tips and make a great wedding album.

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