What exactly is a Flush Mount Wedding Album?

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What exactly is a Flush Mount Wedding Album?

After being in flush mount wedding album business for so many years sometimes I find it surprising that there are tons of folks out there that don’t know exactly what a flush mount wedding album is.

So, I googled the term – “What is a flush mount album”.

As expected, there is some good information.  But, surprisingly, the answers that appeared are not all exactly right.

A flush mount album has designed pages that are printed using a full page photographic print that is mounted “flush” to the album page.  With flush mount albums you cannot add pictures yourself – the pictures are designed to  tell the story of the event and are permanently mounted to the album pages during the manufacturing process.

Panoramic Bind or Split Bind?

There are two types of binding that flush mount albums can have – Panoramic Bind or Spit Bind.  In Panoramic Bind albums there is a crease or fold on the center line of the album where the left and the right sides of the album pages come together.  Alternatively, Split Bind albums have a small gap on the center line of the spread.

The benefits of a Panoramic Bind album is that there is not a break between the left and the right pages.  On the other hand, over time, the crease (fold) can become more pronounced or slightly discolored.  We have Panoramic Bind albums that we made over 10 years ago that still look great.  But, I have seen albums from other flush mount album manufacturers that don’t look great after a few years.

The main benefit of a Split Bind album is that the pages open a bit smoother and there is no chance of discoloration because there is no crease.split bind flush mount album
Also, the gap is generally very slim so that it does not really interrupt full spread panoramic designs that much.

The most common album design tragedy

We have seen it again and again when inexperienced designers design a wedding album.  No mater what type of album binding style you choose – Split bind or Panoramic – it is important that your album designer takes care to be sure that important elements of the design are not right on the center line (For example, peoples faces).

To be clear, even if you choose the creased – no gap – panoramic style album… You should not let the crease run through peoples faces!  It just does not look good.

It is always best to draw a vertical line on the designed spread so that the designer knows exactly how the crease or gap will fall in the actual album.  This is easy to do using the “guideline” feature in Photoshop.  Other design software packages also offer this feature.

The Cover Choice

Most brides instantly  know what kind of cover they want on their album. Over 90% want leather albums.  Most of these choose to have a cover image (also known as a Cameo) on the cover with their names and the date of the wedding stamped on the cover.

The other 10% usually opt for Acrylic albums.  These are beautiful albums that are made with a full cover image embedded into Acrylic.  For more information on these you can see an article that gives all of the details here:  How Acrylic Wedding Albums are Made.

The other choose for Wedding Albums is the Metal wedding album.  These were popular when they were first introduced about 8 years ago.  A few brides still choose this style of wedding album, but these are by far the least popular style.  You can learn more about this type of wedding album cover here… The Guide to Metal Wedding Albums

So, there you have it…

Now you know the basics about Flush Mount Albums.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about how these albums are designed or manufactured.  I am happy to help!

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