Custom Wedding Album Options

Wedding Album Studio is one of the few wedding album companies that can make you a custom wedding album designed specifically for you.

We can design a custom album cover to make your wedding album as unique as you are!

We have a wide variety of custom leather colors and textures available.  We can combine leathers to create unique album masterpieces that will always be treasured.

The wedding album pictured above is made by merging our unique Solitaire Red tooled leather with a smooth black leather.  It is a pretty unique wedding album, isn’t it?  The majority of wedding album companies outsource the production to album manufacturing mills.  Since our own team hand crafts our albums, we can offer you a higher quality custom wedding album at a better price!  We can make unique sizes also.  Just let us know what kind of custom wedding album you want and we can quote you a special price.

Would you like a silk wedding album?  Would you like a special material used?  Just let us know what you thinking about and we can work with you to design a custom wedding album cover.

How does it work?

First, tell us what kind of wedding album you would like.  If you have seen an example online or elsewhere, please send us a photo of the album or describe it to us in detail.  We will quote you a price for the custom wedding album.  Don’t worry… The price will likely be lower than most other wedding album companies.

We will then create a mock-up of the custom wedding album cover for your review and approval.

Finally, we will design the pages of the album and put it all together using our online album proofing system.  You will be able to leave comments and feedback on the custom album cover design and for all of the designs spreads.

We will not start making your custom wedding album until you finalize the design.  Don’t worry, we work with you very closely to make the wedding album design perfect for you!  We are very good at album design!

It usually takes a couple of revisions to ensure everything is perfect, but it won’t take long!

After you approve the album design we start hand crafting your custom wedding album.  We can usually ship the album in 2-3 weeks.

When you open the box you will be glad that you ordered your custom wedding album from Wedding Album Studio!