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Best wedding album company – What it takes

How do you become the Best Wedding Album Company?

The best wedding album company will pay attention to their customers.  We have listened to our customer for the past 12 years and we have used this feedback and understanding to maintain our position the best wedding company for many years.

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The best wedding album company starts with the best wedding album designers.

Doesn’t it seam like everyone is a photographer anymore?  But to become a great photographer you need more than a camera.  You need years of experience as well as talent.  It is the same about great wedding album designers.  To become a great wedding album designer you need tons of experience along with an artistic flair.  But you need more than this… Great wedding album designers are great story tellers!  You need to tell the story of the day and do it in an artistically and pleasing way.

So, the best wedding album company needs to find the best designers.  The design is where the magic starts.  Without design magic, the album will not live up to expectations!

The best wedding album company starts with the design, but there are other important ingredients!

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After the design is completed and approved, the album moves into the production phase.  To make the best albums, of course, you need the best materials.  The materials make all of the difference.  There is no comparison when you place an inexpensive coffee table book next to a high end wedding album.  The coffee table book may look ok, but when you compare it with a true album work of art you will easily see that the difference is clear.

High end genuine leathers are selectively picked – these leathers are smooth and blemish free.  Low end album companies always argue that leather has natural blemishes and there is nothing that they can do about discoloration and wrinkles in their wedding album covers.  The best wedding album company, however, will avoid these complaints all together.  Leathers for our albums are hand chosen with an eye for perfection.

The best wedding album company has talented album craftspeople who know how to shape the leather, seamlessly join different leathers, and perfectly craft the album covers and the pages.  The pages will be inspected for flaws multiple times.  If even a minor issue is identified during the quality control process the issue is addressed.  The best wedding album company will not say, “This album is almost perfect… the client will never notice this one little issue on this one page”.  No, the best wedding album company will either fix the issue or will start fresh from the beginning.

At WeddingAlbumStudio we strive everyday to be the best wedding album company in the industry.  Even after all of these years we still listen closely to every client.  We learn every day.  Our album designers have been working with us for over 10 years.  We use the best materials, have incredible album craftspeople on staff, and we will not ship an album unless it is perfect.

We have served the best photographers in the world and now we pride ourselves on making albums at a discount for the end users – The bride and the groom.

Yes, in our humble opinion, Wedding Album Studio is the best wedding album company.


About the Author: specializes in custom professional quality wedding albums sold directly to the bride and groom. We have over 15 years of experience in the Wedding Album and photography industries. Wedding Album Studio creates high end wedding albums for the families of US presidents, famous people, and for anyone who wants an amazing wedding album.

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